Monday, June 22, 2009

random pinetop

We spent 10 days in Pinetop at the beginning of our summer break. Here are a few of the random things we did to entertain ourselves while we were there.

The kids 'collected' these colorful bb's at the end of the street. i'm sure we spent a good couple of hours 'searching' for these prized jewels (read the sarcasm in that last sentence)

I took mom and kaitlin for pedicures for their late mother's day and birthday presents. I loved my little flower, just ignore the little stubs I have for toes.

Hiking, hiking and more hiking.

You can read the excitement on Jacob's face about his excitement for the hikes!

Sofia entertaining herself with one of the many toys at grandma and grandpas house.

Isabel just being her cute little self...i think Sofia took this picture...

We also took a few rides with dad on his COOL rides!! This might have been my favorite part of our trip. I'm sure glad he moved to Alaska and bought these so he could bring them home with him. They were so much fun to ride

We also met friends at Woodland Lake Park to play. Emily is down from Ut visiting her family and another friend Heather lives in Pinetop. The kids had fun playing together and we had fun catching up. I love this picture of Natalie and Isabel. Whoever took the picture (not me) didn't notice that the shutter was only half way opened, but the picture still works. We had a great 10 days in Pinetop and since I am lucky enough to have 2 months off work, I'm sure we will go back.

and more of pinetop

On a couple of our days in Pinetop we went to Walnut Creek behind mom's house and fished for crawdads. We were successful each time we went. The kids had a super time trying to spot them in the mud and then trying to lure them to the line with bacon. Good thing we have a mom/grandma who is a great fisherwoman! I love Pinetop this time of is soooooo green and still cool!

more of pinetop

We spent an afternoon hiking the trail at the Big Springs Environmental Study Area. It was a great day. On this day we drove over, but the next day, we hiked from my mom's backyard. It is about a 25 minute hike from her backyard to Big Springs. The kids had fun following the trails and deciding which trails to take. We had driven mom's car over earlier and mom and the girls drove home while Jacob and I hiked back.


The last day of school was on Thursday the 21st and we headed up to Pinetop on the next Wed.
We all needed to get out of the heat and have a change of scenery. We had a super good time.
It is so nice now that my mom is not working because she is able to play with us and spend more
time with her grandkids. On this particular day she told the kids that she would give them $1 for every 20 pinecones that they picked off the ground. My dad uses a woodstove all winter long to heat the house and likes them for kindling. The kids attacked this and each earned around $7. I don't know if my mom realized they would pick up that many.

Sitting on the front porch waiting for grandma to come and count the total pine cones.

Here are there separate piles...they knew exactly which ones were theirs and let you know it!

Isabel 'helping' grandpa open his mail


Sofia is a little banker...loves money and is always trying to figure out ways to earn more.