Thursday, August 26, 2010

before and after

A few people have wanted to see some before and after pictures of 'the big weight loss'. I lost 50 pounds from January 2o1o to June 2010. WHOO-HOO! Don't know how I accomplished it since I've been trying for about 10 years to lose the weight. But something went right this time or something clicked in my brain that allowed me to realize I didn't need to eat all the time and I didn't need sweets 24/7! Imagine!! Anyway, I don't have hardly any photos of me from before losing the weight. I am the mom, I am the one taking the pictures, no one took pictures of me, plus I didn't like what I saw when I did see photos of myself. My 'before' picture is from Sofia's baptism in Oct. 2009. I found it on my mom's computer when I was home last month. My 'after' pictures probably aren't the greatest since my kids took them and I'm sure the angle from shorty's taking the photos isn't as flattering, but what to do! So, here it is. I started in January weighing 217 pounds and by the middle of June was down to 167. I would still like to lose about 10 more, but it aint happening, so now I'm just trying to MAINTAIN. Which somedays seems hard because life is hard and I've learned that food makes me feel good and sometimes I feel like there isn't a whole lot of joy in my life. But I will STAY THE COURSE!!

This would be me in teacher excited to start a new year......or not....

at home with my lovely piano and stack of games in the background.

October 2009. Sofia's big day. We were divorced at this point. Kind of sad to deal with on such a special day...the awkwardness of both families together. His family was great and my family was great, it was just hard for me.
So now the hard part begins of keeping control, finding other 'joy' in my life besides food and keeping the course! Wish me luck... i need it!~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


She is growing up!

1st day...

So here are the annual first day of school pictures. We started on the 16th of August. I'm supposed to be at the school by 7:30. This first week we've been getting there by 7:00...whoo-hoo for us! It's easier for me to get work done in the morning before school. By the time school is out I'm beat. I'm teaching 5th grade again. This year I have 32 students. I'm happy to be back to work and have a sort of schedule again, but not ready for all the work.

Isabel is in the 2nd grade this year. Her teacher is Mr. K.

Sofia is in the 4th grade and has Mrs. Parsons as a teacher.

Jacob is in the 5th grade. His teacher is Mrs. Lesperance. He could have been in my classroom, but i declined gracefully! I love my kids, but don't want to teach them. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

the last mtn getaway.

One more trip to P-town before summer is over and school begins was needed. We had a super time. Totally enjoyed the cooler temperatures and rainy afternoons. We played games, rode the atvs, went on hikes, and relaxed. It was a perfect last hurrah!
Jacob and his tinker toy airplane.
My sister Jenny and I.

Jacob at the go-kart track.

Sofia ready to go.

Isabel and Jenny


Hiking around Woodland Lake, we found the waterfall flowing because of all the rain.

Jacob got tired and decided to take a nap?

Isabel playing catch with Sofia.
Sofia playing catch with Isabel

Jacob and his Aunt Jenny

Jacob playing a game with his Grandma.

Isabel having her bedtime snack of bread.

Jacob roasting a marshmallow for smores.


my family.

on the front porch.