Friday, July 19, 2013

Wellsville, Utah 2013

12 hours is a long time to be in a car...

arrived at Aunt Laurel's and said hi to the horse.


the old barn

avery and isabel

i believe this was the house on the property before my grandpa built the red brick home.  he pulled this down to the barnyard.

beautiful red brick my mama grew up in.

aunt laurel taught sofia and jacob how to run her riding lawnmower and they got to mow the very large lawn.

jacobs turn

sofia on the front steps

playing a game of pool in the basement with aunt kaitlin

kaitlin, myself and cousin austin

all the kids at the logan pool

kaitlin and daddy doing what they do best...

helping aunt laurel weed her garden

what a bunch of good lookin workers.

family game of kickball

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4 wheeler ride 

kaitlin and i ready to go

myself, gaby, and kaitlin

sofia and i on the trail

logan temple

jacob, sofia, and isabel on the logan temple grounds

my life.

nest to the temple.  such pretty rock.

family game of's what we do...and we do it well.

dress ups have been happening at this house since i was a the next generation is partaking.

aunt nancy and i before our four wheel ride up willard peak

kaitlin, me, aunt nancy, and mom

the caravan of four wheelers...taking a break on the trail up willard peak

rockin it.

just got a tad dirty on the ride up.

the view from the road

another view

feeling pretty good after the ride

me at the top of willard peak.

kait and i and dust.

breakfast at uncle jarvis's house

kids on a tramp

my mama and her siblings, uncle stuart, aunt laurel, mama, aunt vickie, uncle jarvis and uncle curtis

austin and i and the rummy again.

gaby, adam, and kaitlin

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aunt laurel and bear lake...ready to take a few photos

sofia at bear lake.

building something on the shores of bear lake

the kids.

our set-up at bear lake.  the maughan's do it right.

scott and tube.

kids at le beau's waiting for the famous shakes.

gaby, jordan and i and a beautiful cache valley sky

just doing what all the kids nowadays are doing...a selfie in the mirror with fish lips.....

kaitlin and i at the top of willard peak

we made it to the top. spectacular views.

my beauties at bear lake.