Friday, May 22, 2009

reading the manual...

Wow! What you can learn by reading the intruction manual for a camera! We were at McDonalds one night for dinner and I was BORED!! My kids may love the place, but me, not so much! My camera manual was in my purse and for lack of anything better to read I started reading it. I LOVE black and white pictures...what do you know...I can take them with my camera! Sepia also! It was a super night full of new wonders! Here are a few of my experimental shots with a few random kids I found at McD's to model for me.

This technology age that we live in kills me! I have only had my camera for about 8 months and I just now figure out all that is possible? There are just too many possibilities and options and I'm not ready for it all! But they sure are cute kids, don't you think?


Jacob, Sofia and Isabel all did super in school this year! It has been good to see that with all the change that has occured in our lives in the past year they have done well...phew, what a relief!
Here they are with the director of the school.

Isabel received a medal for being on the honor roll all 4 quarters of the year.
Sofia, top left, red shirt also received a medal for being on the honor roll all 4 quarters.

Same with Jacob, and he was the most improved going from a 90% the first quarter to a 97%!

Sofia and Jacob also received a medal for the Citizenship award. The teacher picks two students from the class who do their best, are well behaved, and basically just good citizens. I was so proud of them! They are all three great kids and I am lucky to be their mom!

honest abe...jacob

Jacob had to prepare a president report for his last assignment in 3rd grade. He chose, big surprise, Abraham Lincoln. To present their reports his teacher Ms. Cronk had them dress as their famous person and make a posterboard. She invited parents and had lunch provided. It was fun to watch. I was able to sneak away from my own class during their lunch and recess to see Jacob present his report. We had forgotten to get a costume for him. I felt like a pretty rotten mom. His super teacher made him a hat and a beard in about 1o minutes. I could tell he was pleased. It has been fun to watch him grow and become more confident in himself. He did a great job!

Ms. Cronk and honest Jacobpresenting his report
didn't he do a great job on his board?
way to go jacob!

the 'fort'ified living room

I found my living room dismantled and kids whispering under my rocking chair as I walked in. They can be so creative at times and between the fighting and arguing and bothering and screaming and poking and annoying and strongly disliking each other there are moments where they come together, create something, and play very well together. These are the moments where I just sit back, watch and SMILE! I definitely love the sign. dolar, dollor to get in.


I love when my sisters come to visit! Kaitlin came the first weekend in May (i think). We enjoyed having her visit us! She was super good to her nieces and nephew, aka spoiled them rotten! We went shopping, watched movies, and played with the kids. She helped me through a pretty tough weekend and I was SOOO glad she came! I often wish i lived closer to my family...maybe someday! The next weekend Jenny came. She had some time off work and was able to visit from Thursday night until Monday morning. She is so good with my kids...seems to have endless patience and gives them all the attention they want. It was a great two weekends.
Jenny and the 'monsters', aka Jacob, Sofia and Isabel

Sofia, Becky, Isabel and Kaitlin

Aren't we a good looking bunch? we try!