Sunday, April 7, 2013

family 4-6-13

ready for Priesthood session with the uncle.

family hike

rock climbers

best buddies.  Jacob was lying on the ground and D came over and laid down right next to him.  


6th grade field trip. 4-5-13

Sixth grade field trip to Kartchner Caverns and Old Tucson.  Super fun.  This is my 4th time on this field trip, but with Sofia going this year, made it even more fun.

Fernandez family...March 31, 2013J

B-37, J-13, S-11, I-9 in BEAUTIFUL Pinetop


Jacob and his friends gather together in the backyard every now and again and like to have 'air soft gun wars'.  They use the citrus trees, trampoline, and various other yard junk as cover.  Jacob didn't want any bb's getting behind his awesome shades, i mean eye protection, so he added a little tape.

Talent show at Aunt Gaby's

Introducing....Sofia, Isabel, Tierney, and Coco...These kids are super creative.  They spent an hour or so making the guitar and then spent about 45 seconds performing for us.  3-25-13

Dress up at Gma's house. 4-30-13


Decorating and hunting eggs, Wessel style. 2013

with Gpa Wessel pre-hunt

with Aunt Jenny post-hunt

getting dye ready...gotta concentrate.

Gma taking pictures of the mama taking pictures. They are ready to go.

This backyard is so fun to hide eggs in.   

Easter egg hunt, Pinetop style. 2013

The hunt area for 7-9 yr olds.

Isabel found her limit of 10 pretty quickly.

Looks like Sofia didn't follow the rules and has more than 10. tsk tsk.

Jacob is 13 and officially too old to hunt.  Bummer. He was so disappointed...{insert sarcasm}.
Sofia's hunt area...the 10-11 yr olds.  Looks like Aunt Jenny was giving assistance.


Walking thru the woods to the lake and ball fields where the hunt was held.

Sofia searching...