Sunday, November 2, 2014

Aug 2014

Scary movie at Auntie K's house.  Bunch of chickens.

One of the few rainy days we have here in Mesa.  Gotta get out and play in the rain!

Camp Lomia 2014.  Miller Ward had it's annual ward campout in August this year.  Super fun times to be had, especially with the addition of the zipline.

Jacob, Isabel, Sarely, Jayce, Jayce's cousin?, Talya, and Sofia.

First day of school 2014

Sofia-8th grade.  Kino Jr. High 
Isabel-6th grade Edison Elementary
Don't know where Jacob's picture is.  Will find it and post it.  He is a freshman at Westwood High School this year.  Holy did I get a high schooler??

beauty school

The girls had a chance to be models for their cousin for her beauty school evaluation.  Seriously freaked me out to see them.  They both look way too old for me!  But they had a blast being pampered for the morning.  

Pinetop July 2014

Jacob found a horny toad on our hike with gma and gpa. 
three Fernandez kids hiking the Springs Trail with gma and gpa.

Two Fernandez kids...

my daddy, my mama, and i hking the Springs Trail in P-town.

Eagle Project July 19,2014

Jacob had his Eagle project on July 19, 2014.  He planted a bunch of plants for the City of Mesa.  He had about 36 volunteers show up to help him that morning.  It was a success.  He did a great job planning, organizing and leading.  The end is in sight.....