Friday, April 30, 2010

minus 40

i don't have a full length mirror in my home. i have the kids take a few pictures of me so i can see if i look different since losing my 40 lbs. i'm kinda excited! i do have about 20 more that i would like to lose. so here are the results. i don't have many pictures from before to compare to because i didn't like having my photo taken and then seeing myself and what i looked like. whatever!
jacob showing his cool skills at photo taking. i must have had tired eyes as the contacts are out.

remind me to suck it in next time! chief is trying to steal my spotlight.

this is a happy girl who has FINALLY figured 'it' out! and i had a SUPER good week when this picture was taken. (ignore the frizzy hair, i was late for school...up too late at night ;) and didn't do my hair that day) but notice the smile, life is good.

my life at school

presenting Ms. Fernandez (or Ms. Fernander) as half my kids all me. ??

desk at the front of the classroom, ALWAYS piles of papers...the bane of my existance!

back desk, again notice the piles.

wall of love and art from my students to me.

they are quite talented and by Anne

cool monster? by Kevin F. and Micah

a nice note wishing me a happy weekend signed by the class.

lovely apple award for teaching last year.

busy days!

such a large classroom i have this year! whoo-hoo!

always busy, which is good for me! i am soooo lucky to have the job i have at the school i have. i am surrounded by awesome people and have the best boss ever!

Monday, April 26, 2010

tree climbers.

One of our new favorite activities is climbing the grapefruit tree.


The ex is moving out of the fairfield house, kinda sad to say goodbye to that house, and doesn't have anywhere to live yet. We 'get' to take care of his dogs for him. Didn't really have a choice. The kids love these dogs, have been begging me for 2 years for a pet, and are so happy to have Rosie and Chief in their backyard. I don't know how long we will be watching them. It's fun to watch my kids play and love and take care of them.

my sister Kaitlin came to visit and couldn't get enough...

the 3rd...

My third and last child told me a while ago that she couldn't see things from a distance. I ignored her hoping it wasn't true, yes i am mother of the year! I started noticing her squinting if she was watching tv, or in Primary, or looking at me from a distance. I finally scheduled her an appt. (nothing i detest more that appts.) Lo and behold she takes after me. I needed glasses in the 2nd grade. Each of my babies have received their glasses in the 1st grade. She is so excited to wear glasses, so that is good. It's a good thing she is so darn cute!

(please ignore the filthy white shirt...i don't buy white shirts for school anymore...)


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hawaii 5-0

My parents just returned from a trip to Hawaii. They stopped by and visited us on the way to the airport. We had a good visit. A package arrived in the mail this week. What fun gifts! The girls each got a sarong, jacob received a cool t-shirt, and 3 musical type instruments made out of native plants. They have enjoyed these gifts and they are lucky to have such awesome grandparents who remember them while they are traveling and always send back the neatest gifts.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Wessel! We love you tons and tons!


I've found some interesting shots taken on my camera in the past few weeks. My little camera thief, mainly Sofia, has been quite busy. I found about 10 photos of the tv and the barbie movie they were watching. ???? The barbie doll was posed numerous times and had her picture taken numerous times. Just makes me wonder when all of this is going on and why I don't ever see the photo sessions.

we were at a HOT soccer game. Didn't even know she had the camera.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

camera fun.

Isabel brought me the camera one night. We had some fun! Sofia was with a friend, she missed out on this posing session.