Sunday, March 28, 2010


My sister in law has recently been educated in the science of 'fake' nails. i don't even know what they are really called, i think it might be acrylic nails. she wanted to practice on my and have me be a walking advertisement and finally wrangled me into coming over and getting them done. I am sooo not the fake nail type, but love the look of them and am going to enjoy playing 'dress up' for the next few weeks! It was fun to sit and visit with her and my nieces (hi Yessi and Maggie!) while having them done. She wanted to take pictures of the final result for her collection and possibly web site, and I had to laugh...i so do not have model hands. I play the piano in primary at church and had a good laugh today trying to play all the right notes. Typing this is almost killing me because I'm normally a good typist, but ha, every other letter is wrong and it's taking too long, so see ya! Thanks Mag! Love you!

Pinewood Derby, take 3

This is our third and final year at the derby! I am not the least bit sad about it! I usually dread this time of year in scouting! I have to worry about finding someone who wouldn't mind helping us build the car, weighing it correctly and making sure Jacob is happy with the end result. I can't complain really though because each year there has been some WONDERFUL ward member that gives his time to help us out. Jacob loves the derby and was happy with his car. If we could only build a car or figure a design that would help him win! He did win a few races, had a good time with his friends and received an award for the "Most Sturdy" (?) car. love it!

visit from Jenny

Jenny came to visit in February. We headed to good old downtown Mesa. Had fun taking pictures with the MANY statues that line Main St. Found a tasty little deli for lunch and hit Sweet Cakes for a treat. It was a great day spent with family.


I signed Jacob up for soccer in January. His practices started in Feb. It's his first time playing any kind of organized sport. He brought home a flyer from school, and the price, practice and game schedule seemed manageable, and he seemed interested. Now I just need to find something for the girls to do that is just as manageable. One thing at a time...Jacob has had fun. We are halfway through the season. It was hard for me to watch at first, he was so timid, unsure of himself and seemed so young on the field with older kids, but he has held his own, become more sure of himself and I'm proud of him! The weather is great right now during games, but I'm dreading the last few games in May. I'm sooooo sad that summer is on it's way!

wall art, 2nd edition

sofia had fun with a pile of napkins she found in the pantry. she does seem to enjoy displaying her art as much as she likes to create it. this is what i found on the wall just the other day. each flower or design is named after her friends from school. too cute to pass up a photo op!

we {heart} cub scouts!

I obviosly don't know how to use my camera...I took the first two pictures and a friend took the second two. my flash and i do not get along! congrats to jacob for earning his bear patch! he wrestled a bear that night and came home with a fierce bear claw around his neck. we, i mean he is now working on his webelos. FUN times.