Monday, March 23, 2015

random 2015

Sofia is the popular one to sit by.  These girls live across the street from us and just love Sofia.  We can't quite get enough of them, and love when they join our row for church.  January 2015
This is at the Dollar General.  Isabel has such pretty hair, and i loved her curls this day.  Took a pic to show her her pretty waves.  January 2015
Here Isabel is receiving the Student of the Month award for the month of January.  Yay for good experiences and friends at school.

Came home from work one day in January to find my cousin James visiting.  SUCH A SURPRISE!!  He lives in Utah, but works for the railroad and is sometimes in the valley.  It was good to visit with him and his co-worker.  Come visit anytime, James! 

Our neighbor, Taylor, needed us to babysit her little girl one afternoon.  Poor baby wouldn't stop crying once her mom left.  The only way she would stop was if she could sit on Jacob's lap and watch Mulan.  Lucky boy!

Holy smokes, Jacob is 15!!

Jacob turned 15 on January 10.  What!  He is getting too old too fast.  I'm not quite ready.  He is a great kid.  Likes to hang with his friends, playing video games, longboarding, or playing raquetball, and playing his guitar.  He is a freshman at Westwood and seems to be adjusting well to high school.  He is in the teacher's quorum presidency and that keeps him busy.  He likes to read and I am still forcing piano lessons on him. Don't know how much longer I can, but will do for as long as possible.  So happy he's mine!

Eagle Scout!

This kid had his Eagle Board of Review on December 30, 2014.  He passed!  He is now an eagle scout.  So proud of him and all the work he did these past few years.  It's not an easy task and he kept plugging away.  Phew!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Christmas 2014

Temple lights with my babes 
Kaitlin and Marc at Temple lights

Dashiell and Kaitlin

Fernandez/Emmons kids at Temple lights

The fam

At work we dressed up at the 12 days of Christmas.  I was 11 pipers piping.

On a hayride with the Young Men/Young Women...more specifically Jaynie and Aubree.

Jenny and I at the Pinetop casa

Grandkids listening and acting out the  Nativity

the characters

Aunt Laurel doing her thing...she came for Christmas.  Yahoo!

Isabel with the santas

Hiking at Walnut Creek

Aunt Laurel, Aunt Jenny, Isabel, Jacob and Sofia at Walnut Creek.

Isabel and the santas

Jacob and the santas

Porch scene with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Jenny, me and mom selfie on Rim Trail

My big sis and I on the rim trail. mom and laurel in the background

Picture of a cactus on the drive to p-town for christmas.

Sofia and the santas.

Burke Basic School Christmas Program 2014

5th grade team, me, Brandi, Krystal, and Shelby

me, Rachel, Krystal, and Amanda

We have a tradition amongst us 5th and 6th grade teachers at Burke.  Hide behind the stage while the kids are singing and take pics.  Now that our concerts are at Burke, there is no big stage to hide behind.  We tried to hide behind the students on the risers and take our infamous selfies.  Too much fun!  Love these girls.

Isabel and the bass

Isabel joined orchestra this year and learned how to play the bass.  She is in 6th grade at Edison.  Her orchestra teacher, Mrs. Alston is the greatest and has patiently taught Isabel how to play.  She has enjoyed learning. This is her playing at her Christmas concert.  December 2014

Pals. Buddies. Friends.

Sofia and Anna. Fall 2014

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Drag race/Mud boggin 2014

Jacob, Isabel, Sofia, me, Tristan, Torin, Jessica

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we were invited to the Drag/Mud Bog Races in the San Tan Valley by our Taylor friends.  It was such a surprise to see so many cowboys/hillbillies/rednecks in the same place in the valley of the sun!  We had a super time watching all different types of cars/trucks/4-wheelers/dirtbikes drag race as well and the big gnarly trucks mud boggin it.  Such an entertaining night.  Sure love the Taylors!!  Nov. 2014