Monday, January 16, 2017

January 15, 2016

Happy Sunday! 

Saw this hanging in the hall outside Bishop's office.  Love that they finally etched Jacob's name onto the plaque.  I'm a proud Eagle Scout mama!

What a kid!

Happy 17 to Jacob!

Card from Grandma and Grandpa that Grandpa picked out.  He loved it. 

Jacob turned 17 on the 10th.  It's crazy that I have a 17 year old.  Seriously crazy.  Time goes by too fast.  He had a great day.  I think.  Traditional doughnuts and OJ for breakfast, presents, dinner to his restaurant choice (Rubio's) and cake and ice cream.  He then spent the rest of the night with his friends at the skate park.  Sure love him and am proud of all the good he does. 
Junior class picture from September 2016. 

Rubio's. Good choice Jacob!  Yummo!

New Years in Utah

We drove up to Wellsville, Utah the day after Christmas.  We met my mom and dad and Jenny up there.  We spent the week playing in the snow, hanging out with cousins, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, and playing cards and eating good food.
At the border with these three.

First night, we had just arrived and there was snow on the ground.  Luckily, Grandma had brought her snow gear.  These two wasted no time in getting ready and going out to play. 

Sofia's snowman--it was about 5 degrees outside

Hot chocolate is a must after playing in the cold.  Thanks to Aunt Laurel for providing and Scott for taking the kids to get it.

Sofia on the farm

in the cold

Saying hi to Adam's horse, Zeb

Jacob and Ty heading out

Allie and Jacob

Playing Rummy. 

Massive Nerf gun war.  Lasted a good 20 minutes.  Such fun.

We love the bulk candy bins at Macey's in Logan. 

Sledding on the hill behind Amy's house.

Went to see the elk at Hardware Ranch

New Year's Eve crew.  Awesome fireworks show put on by Adam, Jacob, Ty, and Ryker.  It was cold.....

Wore them out.  Driving home.  Not ready for the fun to be over.