Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2011-2012 teachers

6th- Jacob and Mrs. Hollenbeck

3rd- Isabel and Miss Cronk

5th-Sofia and Mrs. Lesperance

bbs awards 2012

Sofia with her honor roll medallion (to get this medallion you must be on the honor roll for all 4 qtrs)

Jacob with his honor roll medallion

Jacob was also awarded the director's award which was given to a handful of super 6th graders

group of director's award recipients

Jacob was also awarded the Outstanding Student of the Year award which is given to just one 6th grade boy and one 6th grade girl.  He will have his name engraved on a plaque in the directors office. He's an awesome kid!!!

close-up of the outstanding award (so proud of him!)

his two medallions

Isabel also received an honor roll medallion. I thought the 3rd grade awards ceremony was the same time as the upper forms, but they went before us, so I missed getting any pictures of her at her awards ceremony. 

Sofia with her medallion
So proud of my kids!!!  They are awesome students, really try hard to succeed and had a super year!

jackie o

Isabel chose Jacqueline Kennedy for her famous person report.  The kids all love the day that they present their reports.  They get to dress up as their famous person if they want, all the parents bring food and they get to eat their lunch in the classroom.  She did a super job presenting her report.  I love working at the same school my kids are at.  I'm able to see all their presentations or special things going on in their classrooms.  Awesome job Izzy!

the final guitar concert...

Jacob and Mrs. Shoemaker
Jacob had his final guitar concert on May 21st at Mesa High School.  He has had the most excellent teacher, Mrs. Shoemaker, during his three years of taking guitar at Burke Basic.  He has learned so much and come so far!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

bbs at skateland

miss cronk and i

mrs. hollenbeck and i

isabel can finally skate!!!


kylie, isabel and i

we had our annual skate night at skateland for burke basic.  such good times were had!  this is our fourth year at burke and for the first time ever, isabel knows how to skate!  it was great not having to hold her up and skate around and around with her.  love growing up!!  i have no pictures of sofia because i didn't see her the whole night.  off with her friends.  good times.