Sunday, July 10, 2016

Arizona State Capitol Museum Spring Break 2016

For part of our Spring Break 2016, we toured the Arizona State Capitol Museum.  This place was amazing.  Four floors of Arizona history in an old building.  What's not to love?  Kids weren't as excited, but we managed.  Wesley Bolin Plaza was pretty neat as well with all the memorials.

Spring 2016

A little rough-housing never hurt anyone.

Sofia taking Jacob down.

We met our cousin Ben and his family at Riverview Park.  They were in the valley for a few days vacation.

Jacob getting an echocardiogram.  His pediatrician thought she heard a murmur.  Short story, there was a strange sound found by the EKG and the cardiologist heard something slightly unusual, but wasn't a murmur.  The echocardiogram showed a perfectly normal working heart.  Phew. 

Jacob and his sister Naomi.  She comes over to visit every once in a while and these kids gobble her up.