Thursday, March 27, 2014

Random fun.

Isabel and I on our 5th grade field trip to the Halle Heart Museum 1/14

Emily and I getting a little dinner.  *Besties*

Sofia, Jayce and Jacob heading home from school

Jacob and Sofia at their first cross-country meet. 1/14

Jacob Jayce and Sofia at their first cross-country meet at Kino 1/14

Isabel and Dashiell 1/14

Gaby, me and Kaitlin 1/14

Kaitlin and I sugaring ourselves up at Golden Corral 11/13

the non-happy clan in Pinetop for Thanksgiving.  Cranky kids didn't want to go for a hike.  Mean mama made them.

Kait, me and Jenny and Hawley Lake 9/13

the Fernandez/Wessel clan. 9/13

relaxing at Hawley Lake 9/13

Jacob running cross-country. 2/14 Almost to the finish line!

Sofia ready to start her race. 2/14

Sofia, me, Isabel and Jacob at Valentines mutual. 2/12/14

At the Gilbert Temple open house. 2/13/14

Gilbert Temple open house 2/13/14

Crazy cool climbing toy at Mesa Riverview.  Has to be 50 feet. That's crazy Jacob at the top.

Out to dinner with our friends, the Taylor's and Bethea's

Out to the movies with our friends. 2/14

Sofia's last cross-country meet.2/14

Kino cross-country team. 2/14.  Jacob missed the last meet because of a Boy Scout campout.

Dinner, movie (with a yummy actor), Krispy Kreme, facials, make-overs and all around fun with girls from work.


I helped Kaitlin make chocolates.  So good!  Mints, caramel wrapped brazil nuts, cashew clusters, caramels, peanut clusters and cashew pincohe thingys.  Carryiing on our Grandma Maughan's tradition.