Friday, October 28, 2011

my baby is 8.

Isabel's birthday was during her October break from school. She spent the week with her brother and sister in California with her dad. So she was away from me on her birthday!! It was hard for me, but she had a super time with her dad. That's what matters. When they returned to me we had a 'birthday party' for her. Love her!

Monday, October 10, 2011

what a surprise!

My mom threw my dad a surprise party for his birthday this year. We all headed up to P-town to join in the celebration. We stayed at a hotel in town cause mom and dad are remodeling their home and their is currently no room for us, also so we could be a 'surprise' for my dad. The party was held at El Rancho. MMMmmmm! He was certainly surprised...a bunch of his work friends showed up along with all us kids. Dinner was perfect, the carrot cake surprisingly good, and we all managed to have a good time. Love having reasons to get together. And it was COOL, rainy and the perfect weather.

kids hanging out in the hotel room before the party...enjoying CABLE!!!!