Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My mom's birthday and father's day fell on the same day this year. My parent's were returning to Phx on Saturday from a week-long cruise along the coast of Alaska and we contrived a reason for them to stop by Gaby's house on their way home. We gave them a good surprise...well mom at least since dad was in on it. We had some good food, a yummy chocolate earthquake cake and visited.
The kids watched 'Tangled' while we were getting food prepared and waiting.

Aunt Gaby was kind enough to share with each of the kids her leftover whipped cream from a dessert she made. They were all in heaven!!!!

Mom with her grandkids (minus Dashiell) and her birthday hat and cake.

Mom and Dad are always so good about bringing goodies home for us from their travels. The kids all got Alaska socks with bears and moose. Cute.

And we finished the day off with a good old wrestling match: Kids Vs. Uncle Carson.

Wii day

My sister Gaby and her family invited us over for a Wii day. We played the Wii all day. Or I should say that the kids and Uncle Carson played Rock Band all day, I couldn't quite seem to get the hang of it. Everyone had a blast. We also loved up on a sweet little baby boy, and the girls put a play together to perform for us. It was a nice way to spend a hot June Saturday.


These are all the cousins at Dashiell's baby blessing. Avery, Dashiell, Sofia, Jacob, Isabel, Coco, and Tierney. Now we are seven!!! Seven whole grandkids for my mom and dad.

Friday, June 17, 2011

big lake

Our camping trip to Big Lake this year was super fun. We had a great time fishing, enjoying the cooler weather, playing games and making smores over the campfire. The Wallow fire made our trip a little more interesting due to the smoke, tremendous smoke plumes, and an evacuation due to the forest being closed. It is just simply a beautiful place to camp and spend time with family.