Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sofia-Bulgaria country report

presenting her report to her 6th grade class.

so focused.

her map and flag she created of Bulgaria

passing out the Bulgarian honey spice cookies we made.

I truly love working at the same school my kids go to.  I am able to go to their classrooms and watch them present oral reports, or participate in parties...because there is always someone willing to watch my own class for short periods of time while I need to be with my kids.  Sofia did a great job on her report. Her classmates enjoyed the cookies.  Her 6th grade teacher Mrs. Hollenbeck is a super teacher and she has had an excellent year.  Still can't believe she will be in 7th grade next year.  With Jacob in 8th and her in 7th...two in junior high???  Where on earth has the time gone??  It will only be myself and Isabel next year going to Burke...not sure how I feel about that, cause only 2 more years and Isabel will be leaving will be a lonely place for me.  Fun to see my kids grow and learn and become more responsible and mature, but hard to know that shortly, very shortly, they will be leaving me.  Sigh!


This picture is of Jacob being prepared for his colonoscopy and upper endoscopy on April 22, 2013.  In March I noticed that Jacob had been losing weight...looking way skinny, was tired quite a bit, and complained of yucky poops.  I wasn't sure what was going on, but decided to take him in to see his pediatrician.  The dr. was concerned with the weight loss, so he sent us to the lab for blood work.  I received a call the next week that no mother wants to get.  His inflammatory markers in his colon were elevated and he was anemic.  I didn't really know what this meant, but knew it was not normal, and we were sent to see a specialist at Banner Desert.  I was nervous, not knowing what was happening or what to expect or what Jacob was going to have to deal with, whether it was life-threatening or not.  The gastroenterologist was great.  She gave him an exam, took his complete history, and after checking lab results, let us know that we were probably dealing with colitis, or Crohn's Disease.  She ordered the colonoscopy and upper endoscopy to get the correct diagnosis and see the extent or damage of the disease.  This picture is from the 22nd at Banner Desert Hospital.  I took the day off of work and we spent about 4.5 hours at the hospital.  Jacob did well for the procedures, he went under general anesthesia  and didn't have any problems.  I should say that the Sunday before the procedures was hellish, in that he couldn't eat anything, and was taking two different forms of laxatives every 2 hours to clean him out.  Ugh!  but he did well with that as well...not complaining once.  The doctor came to the waiting room after the procedure and told us that it is Crohn's Disease.  Poor kid.  This is a disease with no cure.  But on the bright side, we caught it early and with the correct medicine, he will live a full life.  The doctor also ordered an MRI for the next week to make sure there wasn't any other damage in his small intestines.  That was probably the worst of all these doctors visits and procedures because they didn't tell us he would need to drink 2 full bottles of yucky liquid in a 40 minute period to prepare him for the MRI.  we almost weren't able to do it, the poor kid was gagging and miserable.  We met with the doctor on May 3rd for our followup appt.  He will be on steroids for a month to get the inflammation down in his intestines, while we wait for the Crohn's medicine to do it's job, because it takes a few months for that to build up in his system and then we pray that the medicine works.  The doctor said some kids respond well and she sees them once a year, and others don't do so great.  He is already up 4 pounds and has an appetite, so i hope we continue this well.  Our next appt is in June where he will be weaned off the steroids and put up to a full dose of the Crohn's medicine.  Love this kid to death and am so glad we know now what the problem is so we can help him start to feel better.

Mesa Celebration. Pioneer Park. April 20. 2013

getting ready to zip-line it.

jacob on the zip-line



she survived...not sure i would have if i had done it.  too high. my kids are braver than me.

rock wall 

sofia and jacob working the rock wall.  sofia made it to the top.

isabel trying.

driving a city bus.

she looks good in that seat. 

old mesa fire truck




such a fun shot....

this is the helicopter we hear flying overhead doing police work many times a week.

Warrior Dash 2013

April 13, 2013, this group of awesome people and myself ran the Warrior Dash.  It was the most fun i have ever had.  We ran 3.2 miles, and between the 3.2 miles there were 12 obstacles.  Climbing walls, using ropes, chains, ladders, crawling under netting, barbed wire, walking through a bungee field, and the best fun of all was the mud.  We were covered by the end of the race.  Covered.  Really put my body to work, and was amazed at what i had accomplished.  Hopefully will do this each year it comes to town.