Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a fun field trip!

The 2nd and 5th grade went on a field trip on Friday, the 19th of November. I was looking forward to this day. I love going to the American Heritage Festival. Mostly because I always have enough parents sign up that I don't need to have a group of students with me. It's a nice relaxing day for me and some of my fellow teachers. We walk around, take our own pictures, eat some of the yummy kettle corn, and then sit and visit.
Mrs. Dial and I found ourselves some men in uniforms! Looking good boys!

Mrs. Dial and Mrs. Lesperance.

I thought this would be fun to drive!
The best kettle corn. Looked forward to it after last year.

Shooting the breeze with Karen.

I found George Washington. We had a chat.

Some of the tents where the kids can learn all about the ways of life back in the day.

The AWESOME 5th grade team at Burke.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So the ex left for California yesterday...good-bye to my babysitter and mechanic. I'm now officially a single, alone parent. He's not around the corner for me to call when I need him to watch the kids. I really depended on that. But he had too many problems here and now I don't have to deal with all of those problems, so I guess it will be okay. It's been a tough week.
I did however run 2 miles last night. I'm channeling my frustrations into fixing this body of mine!! I started running a week ago. I've always hated running, but I think I need a new challenge in my life. Something to keep my body and mind busy. I'm planning on running a 6k with some of my co-workers in December. We'll see about that! It feels good to pound it all out on the pavement. This life is not what I thought it would be, but who's is!?

Veteran's Day

This was Jacob's third year participating in the Veteran's Day program at school. He was the one who called out the instructions to the color guard. He spoke very clearly and loudly into the microphone and was awesome! We had a 93 yr old veteran come to speak to the students. He was a pilot in WW II. Pretty amazing! I love that our school is so patriotic and teaches my kids all about patriotism. I also think that Jacob makes a pretty smart looking scout!

Friday, November 12, 2010

miller ward campout nov 2010

I need to go camping more often! We had the best time on our ward campout. We have the best ward, had the best food, the best campfire, the best weather, the best cabin, the best hiking, and the best entertainment. The mountains are just home to me! Going to have to figure a way to go camping more often.
Sofia enjoying her hot cocoa by the fire.
Jacob enjoying his smores...we lost count of how many he had, but he has the cooking of his marshmallow down to perfection.

Isabel enjoying her hot cocoa by the fire.

What a good looking bunch of campers, it was a chilly morning, but the fire warmed us all up.

Isabel fell the night before while playing tag outside with the kids. She scraped her face on the ground pretty darn good. We didn't lose any teeth, so phew!

Isabel and I on our hike.

Kids playing on the bridge.

Another great group shot of the hikers.

Our cabin. Inside this beauty are 7 bunk beds. We had the place to ourselves. Quite roomy and nice. No huge spider problems like we had on our last ward campout...SO NICE!!! I'm so not a fan of spiders, I would actually prefer sleeping in my tent because I can keep creepy crawlies out of my space by keeping it zipped. But something to be said for comfortable beds and matresses while camping. It was a great weekend, kinda hard to return to the valley

my firstborn.

Halloween 2010


The annual Fernandez pumpkin carving was a success. I wasn't sure it would happen this year...i'm always so tired after work lately...i almost forgot to get pumpkins...then to have to carve them and clean up the mess...but we managed. The kids had fun and helped a little more this year. I always end up doing the majority of the carving. Jacob did his all by himself and was pleased with the result. Too bad they start rotting so soon after being carved. I miss being in Pinetop where they last forever on the porch without melting into the concrete!

Sofia getting her hands dirty.

The finished product...

Kids sitting in front of their pumpkin.