Saturday, July 17, 2010

ways to beat the heat

1. Give the kids 10 minutes with the hose.

2. Go to Bahama Bucks for some icy good shaved ice. I've been in Mesa for 11 yrs (ouch) and this was my first visit. Yes, Kaitlin, I finally went! Pretty good stuff, especially on hot, humid July days.

Sofia and Isabel both got grape, my personal fav.
Jacob chose cotton candy.


Jacob and Sofia

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Utah 2010 Guy and Emma Maughan reunion

Guy and Emma are my great-grandparents. The reunion was held on July 5, 2010, in Brigham City. It is held annually, we just don't go very often. Guy had 12 children so it is a pretty large gathering of people that I don't know. We eat, visit and then everyone goes swimming at the Brigham City Pool. We were all about the swimming that day! and the good food. We do know how to eat and eat well!
My baby and me.

Aunt Vickie and me.
eating good food!


Grandma helping Jacob

Four Maughan siblings in attendance, Uncle Stuart, Aunt Vickie, Aunt Laurel, and my mom.

Me with my aunts, uncle and mom.

It was a beautiful day for swimming.

say cheese.

Utah 2010 Lyman and Edith Maughan family reunion

Lyman and Edith are my grandparents, my mom's parents. They both died in 2000. All of their kids were in attendance at this reunion, Aunt Laurel, Uncle Stuart, Aunt Vickie, mom, Uncle Curtis and Uncle Jarvis as well as most of the grandkids. 4 were not in attendance with their families. We had a great day. Good food, a good game of volleyball and baseball, card games, and tons of sitting around talking and picture taking. Took place on the lawn next to the Wellsville Tabernacle in Wellsville Ut, July 3rd, 2010.
Jenny, Melissa, Aunt Vickie, me, Isabel, and Aunt Laurel
Jordan, Adam, Jeff, David, Gavin, James and Jenny
Clara, Allie, and Isabel, 2nd cousins

Jeff, Gavin, Adam, Tina and James

Jeff, Austin, Ryan, Alex and Jenny

Jordan and his girlfriend

Aunt Maxine, Aunt Vickie, Laurel, Uncle Curtis and Uncle Jarvis

Scott, Heather, Matt, David and Aunt Nancy

Amy taking a picture of Isabel and Allie with the volleyball in the background and the beautiful tabernacle in the further background.

Isabel and Allie, self-portrait

Allie, taken by Isabel

The fun volleyball game. The better team won! :)

Jeremy sacrificed it ALL for this game! good thing he was on my team!

Mark, Ryan, Amy, Scott, David, James, Matt, Uncle Stuart

Aunt Vickie, Adam, Jeff, Jordan, and mom playing a game.

Our favorite family game, rummy.

All of the grandkids who were in attendance.
Top row: McKenzie, Nick, David, Cami, Melissa, Ryan, Kaitlin, Jenny, Amy, Jeff, James
Bottom row: Ben, Adam, Lisa, Alex, me, Austin, Heather, Jordan, and Gavin

All of the great grand kids who were in attendance:
Top to bottom: Jacob, Sofia, Jack, Clara, Nathan, Rowan, Micah, Edie, Craig, Ty, Allie and Isabel. I guess a few babies who were there weren't in the photo. Max and Elise.

James and I

Aunt Maxine and I

Uncle Curtis and I

Sofia, Amy, me, Ben and Cami

Adam and I and some of the delicious food!

Gavin, Jordan and Austin trying out the swings.

Austin and Nick goofing around for the cameras.

Cami and Rowan