Monday, February 21, 2011

hip-hop and sofia

Sofia started a hip-hop class about 3 weeks ago. She brought home a flyer from school and talked about nothing else. There are 13 classes spread out over 13 weeks. Luckily for her, the classes fell on a night that is free for us, so we were able to sign her up. She has been so excited, loves to go, really tries hard to learn the crazy moves, and is happy. I love sitting in the gym watching her learn. It is good to see her doing something by herself, with no siblings, that she loves.


I have never enjoyed Valentine's Day more than I have as a teacher! My students are always so sweet to think of me and bring me a gift. It doesn't matter that I tell them to not bring me gifts, to save their money, it always is a given that I will come home with mugs, teddy bears, flowers and oodles and oodles of chocolate. My own kids enjoy all the hoopla with writing out valentines to their classmates and the 'exchange'.

a pile of one of my kids loot

another pile of goods

mine. one of the perks of teaching!