Friday, September 27, 2013

She's 12!

2003 in Pinetop

January 2005

heart-attacked by the beehive class.

Jacob-13, Sofia-12, Isabel-9

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Random...Aug and Sept 2013

Jacob and his Aunt Kaitlin, sleeping in his shelter he created for a merit the backyard...not in a tent...they are brave!

Sofia and our favorite neighbor Gigi.  Please ignore all the unsafe things you see in this pic.  They both survived and we had a talk about riding bikes barefoot with no helmets with a little person on handlebars...

With my sisters for our birthday pedicures.  Sept. 7, 2013

Kaitlin, mom, and I at Kinishba Ruins.


Sofia ran for 7th grade class president...and won.

kids at Kinishba Ruins outside of Whiteriver Arizona. 8/29/13


Church I was baptized in.  The Fort Apache Branch, in Whiteriver, AZ

House we lived in when we lived in Whiteriver.  Government housing behind the hospital.  I was 8 when we lived here...and remember nothing.

fishing at Horseshoe Lake.  Isabel and Kaitlin

more fishing.  beautiful day.

fishing at Hawley Lake.  no fish.

Emily, my dearest friend, and I at her sons bday party.

At the top of Piestewa (Squaw) Peak.  What a hike!!  Straight up.  9/7/13

Top of Piestewa

Isabel on her bike she is tired of.  She wants a 'real' bike like her bro and sis. I'm trying to have her get at least another year out of it.  Wish me luck!

Kait and i at Kinishba

Kait and Jacob ready to spend a night in the wilds of Pinetop.  It's cold at night in Sept.  and there are bugs and spiders all over the backyard!!

They slept all probs.  My heroes!

school 2013-2014

First day of school for the Fernandez family.  Not sure if any of us were ready for school to start, but oh well...  
Isabel is in 5th this year.  

Sofia started 7th grade...junior high!!

My 6th year teaching at Burke...still teaching 5th.


Jacob is in 8th.  Two kids in junior high. Don't know how that happened so fast!


Sofia spilled super glue on her's a long story...she came screaming down the hall about the pain, when i went to pull her sweats down, the skin stuck to her sweats and she lost who knows how many layers of skin.  It took about a month to heal.  It never bled, just was oozy and wet for about 2 weeks.  Poor girl.  She is gonna have a doozy of a scar.

Rocky Point 2013

Kids went to Rocky Point with their dad the first weekend of August, just before school started.  Looks like they had fun.