Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy 8th Sofia!

I can't believe that my middle child is 8. Time is moving so quickly! We started the special day out with doughnuts for breakfast. Sofia was able to take a treat to school to share with her class. She was able to choose where we ate for dinner. She chose Souper Salad. After dinner we came home and she opened her presents. She seemed happy with her 'loot'. Then we had cake and ice cream. It was a simple birthday celebration, but just right for us. Sofia looking forward to being baptized and is such a great girl! I love you Sofia!


The kids talked me into taking them to the ward campout this last weekend. I am usually so tired by Friday evening that driving for an hour and a half and camping overnight just sounded like too much! But they were super excited for it, so we went. We had a great time. Love our ward and were able to visit and get to know more people. The only problem I had was the spider infested cabin that was assigned to us....UGH!!! It was a nightmare, for me especially because I am petrified of spiders. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night, but we survived and the kids had a blast. Next time, I'm finding a place to pitch my tent!

The kids in front of our 'cabin'

Isabel found some friends, and I hardly saw her...she's growing up!
Jacob with his marshmallow gun, HEAVEN!

Sofia mastered the art of marshmallow shooting pretty quickly.

The BLUE team

Jacob with the warm campfire

hiking up the creek

Isabel and her friend

Monday, September 7, 2009

art gallery

"Sofia's art gallary" is written on the sign if you can't read it. What fun you can have with watercolors and masking tape!