Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March 26, 2017 My babes

I sure love them.  They are my world.

Waterfall Trail in the White Tanks March 18, 2017

We hiked this trail a few times when we would visit my Grandma Wessel in Sun City.  My parents were in town for a visit and suggested we go hike it again before it got too hot and since we don't all get together that often.  It was another beautiful hike.  Just a little too hot, but worth it.  Good to be with family.
Tired after the hike.


Best buds

Pre hike

Isabel and her grandpa

March 17, 2017 G-pas visit

My mom and dad came down to see all of us kids at the end of our Spring Breaks.  They took us to an airplane museum at Falcon Field in Mesa.  It was cool to see the old planes.  My dad is pretty much an aviation expert and was full of interesting facts and info about the planes.  It was a fun day to spend together.

It was St. Patrick's Day and none of my kids disappointed.  They didn't realize they all matched til someone pointed it out. 

Spring Break adventure, March 16, 2017

Took Sofia, her friends, Jayce and Sarely, and Jacob on a road trip on one of the days of Spring Break.  Isabel was in Las Vegas with her friend Talyah. We drove to Boyce Thompson Arboretum and Besh Ba Gowah indian ruins in Globe.  It was a nice day to tour the state.  These kids were fun to hang with and are just the best people.
Side of a motel in Miami, AZ

Pickle Barrel Trading Post in Globe, AZ

Besh Ba Gowah ruins in Globe, AZ

Boyce Thompson Arboretum outside Superior, AZ

Sofia has her permit!!! March 15, 2017

Took her two tries to pass the test, but she did it.  She is now allowed to drive a car.  Heaven help me.  Not ready to have two drivers.  This just means they are growing up, nothing will stop them, and they will soon leave me.  Makes me slightly sad, but also glad to know they are doing the things they should be doing.  Bittersweet.

Jacob March 13, 2017

Jacob has Crohn's Disease.  He had his second colonoscopy today.  Lucky kid.  The nurses couldn't get his IV in.  They all tried.  Jacob wasn't amused.  Finally the anesthesiologist came out to get him to take him to the procedure room and decided he would do it.  Took him two tries.  After the procedure, his doctor wanted some labs.  The lab person couldn't find a vein.  Took her three tries.  All in all, the kid was poked 8 times.  His doctor wasn't pleased with the results.  He still has inflammation in his large intestine.  So we are on to more testing to decide the best course of treatment for him.  Love him.