Monday, January 25, 2010

audiences are great!

I was in the kitchen making dinner and I heard Jacob ask Isabel to watch him play a game. When I walked into the room this is what I saw. I love the arm around his shoulder.

grapefruit anyone?

Since I came to live in Mesa, I have always wanted citrus trees, but have never had them. I was so excited to have some orange trees when we moved into this house. I thought there were three orange trees. The middle tree was just in bad shape and didn't produce any fruit last year. Just a few weeks ago I noticed big yellow grapefruits hanging on the tree! A grapefruit tree. I was so excited. I love grapefruits! I think that since I've been irrigating since I moved in the tree has had water and decided to produce this year. It is still a pretty ugly tree and needs some serious love, but on the backside of the tree are tons of grapefruit. Sofia will go out, pick a grapefruit and some oranges, come in and snack on them. How convenient! Now if I could only take care of the trees, but I have zero yard tools, zero citrus tree knowledge, and zero time.
I keep finding reasons to like is starting to grow on me. Citrus off the tree in the middle of winter is a huge bonus! dead in front, full of grapefruit on the side near the wall.

A palm tree that has just popped up among the trees.

Couldn't leave out the oranges. They are also delish!

whoo-hoo sofia!

Sofia used to chew her nails down to nothing! It drove me crazy. I told her that if she could quit biting her fingernails for at least a month I would take her to get a pedicure and manicure. Of course I thought it would be hard for her to do. So I totally bribed her with something she had been asking for, thinking I would never have to actually pay up. Well, the girl stopped biting her nails within 2 weeks. That was about 6 months ago. At first I wanted to make sure that she had really kicked the habit, but then time just passed and I kept forgetting my side of the deal. This last weekend, I took her. She was thrilled. She loved the whole process. I did tell her that this was pretty much a one time thing, for super special occasions. I am proud of her for quitting a bad habit. Next time I will think twice before I offer any kind of reward! They did charge me quite less because she is a little girl, so that helped. I'm super proud of her!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

double digits.

I'm having a bit of a time accepting that I have a 10 year old. It has gone too fast. I'm feeling old. Jacob had a great birthday this year. He was able to celebrate it over two days. His grandma and grandpa Wessel were in the valley on Saturday and brought presents. It was good to see them and he loved the remote control cars and lego toys he received. I took him, his sisters, and cousin to the movies that night. We watched the chipmunk movie (ugh!), and then went to burger king. They had a super time. On Sunday, his actual birthday, we had family over and opened more presents and had yummy triple chocolate cupcakes. Jacob is such a good kid, I'm happy he's mine!

Turned 10 on the 10th...pretty cool!


Tierney, Jacob, Sofia holding Coco, Avery and Isabel
Same kids, minus Jacob, who had a meltdown regarding picture taking and was excused, plus me and my sister Gaby.

The meltdown is beginning...can you see it? (stinker with a capital S! but I love him!)

Christmas 2009

annual sledding on Pinecrest

We were lucky again this year to have snow for a white christmas. That also means bundling up in as many layers as we can, walking to the end of the street, and sledding down the ditch. It was cold! Pretty much 20 degrees every day. We didn't last too long, but the kids love it.

On my parents street heading to the hill.

At the top of the hill.
The worst part about sledding is walking back up the hill each time!




Annual picture with Mr and Mrs Claus (man, my kids are getting big!)


cold nights

We spent Christmas again in Pinetop this year. It was COLD, especially for us desert kids. I'm sorry to say that I've now lived in Mesa longer than Pinetop...but anyhow, this was the temperature when we arrived at 6:30 pm. It was beautiful! Cold, crisp, quiet, and dark. I love that my parents street has no street lights. The stars were out and so bright! The trees were covered in snow still and it was just good to be home! My favorite part about our arrival was finding the icicle lights inside the icicles, crazy!

beauty school potential...

I love what I find on my camera...I probably should be worried that they feel free to find it and take pictures, but I do find some interesting ones! Sofia did Isabel's hair and this is the result. She took a pretty good picture of her work!