Wednesday, July 22, 2009

swimming under the stars...

My good good good good friend Emily was in Mesa for a little bit this summer. She invited us to go swimming at her grandparents pool a couple of times. We had too much fun, and probably too much sun. My favorite time to swim during July and Aug. is at night! The water usually feels just right and no sun means no sunscreen to lather on 3 kids! Hotdogs and chips make the best poolside food. The kids had a blast and it was good to just sit and catch up with Emily and her sister Melissa. GOOD TIMES! Thanks Em and Melissa, especially for feeding us so well!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When are you too old for this...?

These kids are hilarious. They are always wanting to go on rides like this. I never let them because usually I have no money, or not the right amount, and I think it is such a waste. But Aunt Jenny was visiting and loves her nieces and nephew and is so good to them. I just silently laughed because they are all TOO big for a ride like this, yet they were in heaven! Thanks Jen!


This is the only way to spend summer if you live here in Mesa! We love swimming and have spent a large portion of our time in a pool. These pictures are of the kids swimming at their dad's house. They are lucky that he has a pool and they can go over pretty much whenever they want and swim. We also go to Kino pool just up the street from our house, it is a city pool at the junior high school that was just renovated this last winter. It is pretty cheap and feels so good! I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures of Sofia this time, but she was there.

summer fun

Somehow the pictures are first and the writing is after...not what I intended, but I don't feel like 'arguing' with my computer right now. Here are some photos of what we have been doing this summer.

Jacob chipped off quite a large piece of his front tooth. In this picture it is the tooth on the left. I didn't get a before picture. I was certain they would have me schedule another appt to repair it, but they took care of it all the day we went in. You can't even tell it was ever chipped, they did a great job! He probably should have brushed his teeth before this picture was taken, but oh well.
Isabel has spent much time playing with her friend who lives across the street. What a lucky girl to have a friend so close. They always play with Barbies and are so funny to listen to when they play. Just totally girlie-girlie to the nth degree.

Jacob and Sofia have spent many hours drawing, coloring and making cards, and they both spend a little time on the computer. I'm a pretty mean mom and only let them have 20 min. a day, if that.

Sofia loves to take pictures and I'm always finding interesting photos on the camera, this is her latest self-portrait

Jacob found some masking tape, colored it black, cut it to size and all of a sudden became some kind of fighting guerilla ninja? Too funny.

And Isabel learned how to ride a bike this summer. We had to practice after the sun went down, but she figured it out, mostly because when we were in Utah she rode on a smaller bike than hers and felt more comfortable practicing up there. When we came home, it only took a day or two for her to get it! I'm so excited to finally be able to go on bike rides with all of us now.

We went on a week long trip to Wellsville, Utah to visit family in the middle of June. We drove up with my sister Kaitlin. It was a LONG drive up, 12 hours long! Anyway, I had so many great pictures of our trip and I was excited to blog about our adventure, but managed to erase the pictures off of my camera thinking that I already loaded them on my computer. Ooops! Luckily I had already ordered prints from the store so I have most of the pictures, I just can't put them on here. We had a super time, stayed with my Aunt Laurel, visited with all the family that lives there, mainly my cousin Amy who has three kids of her own. The kids seemed to have a good time together and I was so grateful for her letting us use her kids bikes. One thing we did that we all totally enjoyed was when we rode the Front Runner from Ogden to SLC, then hopped on TRAX for a ride to Temple Square. The kids loved sitting in the upper deck of the Front Runner train. It was a great ride. We toured Temple Square and then took in the Joseph Smith movie that was playing at the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg. Great movie. We also went swimming at Hyrum Dam on our last day there. COLD lake water, but the kids again had a super time. Since we have been back from our 'vacationing', we have been trying to enjoy our summer, which is hard for me at times because it is so hot! We have been swimming a lot, playing with friends, riding bikes, going to the library, watching movies, and relaxing at the same time. It has been so good this summer to not have to get up and get ready to go every day!