Tuesday, June 4, 2013

swimming June 2013

jacob's flip

Jacob's beautiful dive

another of Jacob's flips

Isabel's beautiful dive

Sofia's jump

Sofia standing on the water

Jacob's tuck

the fountain at Fountain Hills.

May 26, 2013

2012-2013 BBS awards

Isabel receiving her honor roll medallion

Mrs. Parson's 4th graders who received the honor roll medallion (honor roll all 4 quarters)

Sofia receiving the honor roll medallion

Mrs. Hollenbeck's 6th graders who received the honor roll medallion

Sofia receiving the director's award (given to 12 outstanding 6th graders)

Sofia receiving the outstanding student award (given to two 6th graders)

Sofia with Mr. Glen Gaddie and Mr. Mike Gaddie, director and principle of BBS

Sofia with her 6th grade teacher Mrs. Hollenbeck

Sofia and her outstanding student plaque and director's  and honor roll medals.

So proud of her.

Isabel with her honor roll medallion, honor roll certificate, and 100 mile club certificate.

up close. proud of her as well.

Isabel with her 4th grade teacher Mrs. Parsons

Sofia's school choir concert 5/13

teachers-behind the scenes at the BBS Spring Concert.