Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Museum/Rock wall

At a great museum in Mesa.  Kids are in the first jail the city of Mesa had.  July 2014 

I think its called the Museum of Natural History.  I should check.....

Rock Wall climbing July 2014 Isabel






More Randomness

Kaitlin's 33rd!  4-9-14

Sofia and Dashiell Spring 2014

Me and one of my favorite Laurels, Jacie--Sunday selfie.

Dashiell and Jacob playing golf. Summer 2014

Kaitlin getting a birthday hug from a very reluctant Jacob.

For one of our teacher inservice meetings, our boss rented out a bowling alley for us.  What a treat.  Here I am with  my  friend, Rachel.  

Myself, Rachel, and Janan.  Getting a little goofy for the cameras.

Mutual selfies...Rashay and me.  

Getting a little sassy.

Three muskateers. 

At Sunsplash. Playing it up before school starts. July 2014

My madre.

My mom, the fix-it lady, came down to visit this last June to help me repair some broken things around the house.  She is amazing.  Snapped a few mom and daughter pics while she was visiting, because I found out that we don't have very many.  Love her.


Isabel and her bestie, Kylie March 2014

Big Lake 2014

Isabel, Sofia, and Jacob ready for camping fun. 6-26-14

Dashiell at the lake helping us fish


Isabel and Avery were cold.






Jacob chillin at the campsite

Gaby and Mama

Grandma finally rented a boat for these kids.  Hooray!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Girls Camp June 23-26, 2014 Camp Lomia

One of my 'cool' laurels.

Sofia and friends

Sofia getting ready to zip-line

Sofia zip-lining

A cool group of girls and leaders.

Fellow cabin moms...Sis. Burch, Sis. Thornton, myself, and Sis.Johnson

Three moms  rubbing three daughters shoulders.

Skit night!

Gaby and Sofia making their swings.

Swinging away on the swing she made.

So happy to get to go to girls camp with this girl!