Sunday, March 17, 2013

San Diego-Spring Break-March 2013

Isabel at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site, panning for gold.
Poolside at the hotel.


what a handsome kid!

Isabel, Kaitlin, Jacob, and Sofia at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site, waiting for our tour.

More poolside...

This is the best. What angels they are when they sleep!

J, S, K, and I in Historic Downtown San Diego

Kaitlin and I panning for gold.

Sofia being part of the tour at the Mormon Battalion...

Isabel...Mission Beach

Sofi and Isabel


Jacob didn't take his hoodie off the entire was pretty windy and cold

Kaitlin showing off her muscles.

The cold wind and water didn't stop Sofi from getting  in!

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The beach sitters...and snackers...

Isabel drying off.

Love all these kids!!

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it is written in the sand......
Our trip to San Diego was a blast.  We left on Monday morning, the 11th of March and returned Wednesday evening, the 13th.  We stayed at a hotel in downtown San Diego, about 2 min. from the harbor. We went to Old Town San Diego, the Mormon Battalion Historic Site, Mission Beach, we took a ferry to Coronado Island, and ate some yummy food.  It was a great way to spend a few days and we wish we had longer to stay and play.  Kaitlin came with us, and was the designated driver, so I didn't have to drive, which was great, cause i always have to drive.  We had some crazy, fun, experiences and can't wait for another excuse to go on a fun vacay!

random February 2013

Sofia and I relaxing on the tramp.

Jacob 'teaching' Kaitlin how to longboard it.

Sofia and the sun


Carson, Coco, and Dashiell hiking

Isabel, Sofia, Tierney, Avery, and Jacob hiking in the Phx Mountain Preserve

more hiking

the whole gang

Kaitlin giving Coco a ride

Jacob giving Coco a ride

Kaitlin, Coco, Becky, Isabel

We reached our destination!!


Tristan, Sofia, Isabel, and Torin at the park

Taking over the swings...who can jump farther??

Burying our good friend Torin...goofballs!

Laurels in Strawberry

messing around with some of the girls in the kitchen. i think we were eating  muddy buddies...mmmmm!

Sister Carroll, Sister Thornton, and myself after our drive around Strawberry.

The whole gang.  

Soooo glad to work with these amazing women and friends!!!
In February, we took the laurels on an overnight trip to a beautiful cabin in Strawberry.  We all had the best time.  We played games, stayed up too late, (us leaders stayed up way past the girls), ate too much good food, played in the snow, drove a snow machine, had a snowball fight, learned about manners, really ate some good food, and played ping pong.  Couldn't ask for a more fun group of girls, or leader/friends to hang out with in the beautiful mountains!  February 8-9, 2013

teacher friends.

We absolutely love teacher training meetings, especially when food is involved!  Thanks to Mr. Gaddie for providing the most delicious subs and thanks to these awesomely amazing girls for posing with me.  School wouldn't be as enjoyable without them!! 2/4/13

boy scout in action

Jacob retrieving the flags in our neighborhood on President's Day.  Absolutely love the Boy Scout program and watching him grow in it! Feb. 2013


We absolutely love Mesa in February.  And we absolutely love opening the irrigation gate and watering our citrus trees.  And we absolutely love our neighbors for giving us a trampoline.  Feb. 2013