Wednesday, April 29, 2009

museum fun...

This last weekend I decided to take the kids to the AZ Science Center. I had found out that admission was free for Sat. and Sun. and thought that the kids would love going. I do not think that I have a brain sometimes, because I didn't realize we would have to be in line at about 7:00 am just to get in! If I heard that the science center was having free admission for the weekend, then that means that the other 3 million moms and dads in the valley also heard. When we arrived the line was soooooooooooooooo long! Kids, strollers, and moms and dads lined up in the longest line I think I have ever seen. I took one look at the line and said, "Nope, not today!" No way could I stand in a line that long with my three easily bored, unable to sit or stand still for longer than 5 minutes at a time kids! I honestly don't know how the parents who were in line and waiting could handle it! So since we made the drive into downtown Phx, I didn't want it to be a wasted trip, we headed into the Phx Museum of Natural History. Oh Super Fun! Luckily my kids seemed eager to go inside. It wasn't that bad! Quite a few hands on exhibits and a clipboard and a paper with museum objects for the kids to find. I was also educated on some of the valley's history, I tell you we had SUPER FUN! I wish there was a way to insert sarcasm when typing! Someday I will take the kids back to the Science Center so they will see what they really missed! The best part of the day was stopping at Rubio's on the way home for the BEST chicken nachos ever!

They were so ready to go home when this picture was taken! Isabel, Sofia and Jacob

Maybe the highlight of this trip for the kids was this walking bridge over Washington St. in Phx. They were in heaven!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

easter 2009?

So I went to find my easter pictures of the kids so I could post about our Easter this year and I couldn't find them. I somehow managed to erase them! I am so sad. There were some fun ones of them searching for eggs in the backyard. This will have to do. These pictures were taken before church on Easter Sunday. Such a cute bunch...if I do say so!

Jacob (9), Sofia (7), Isabel (5)

Can't do a group photo without the individual poses! I'm still lucky in the fact that they will smile and take a picture happily. I know this will change. I can already see that Jacob is nearing the end of his cooperating during photo shoots! Love these squirts...they keep me moving!

saturday fun

Summer is on its way! I can feel it...and am dreading it! I really did enjoy this past winter way too much. Nice and cool, but not too cold. Things are starting to heat up around here and according to the weatherman on tv, it's only going to get hotter. We have the best neighbors across the street. Isabel has a great time playing with a certain 5 year old who lives there. They invited ALL my kids over to play in the sprinklers this afternoon. I had a great time watching them from across the street. I heard Isabel say at least 3 times that "this is my best day ever". I love hearing such excitement and conviction from kids. They enjoyed the sun and the water. Thanks neighbors! Here are a few shots I was able to get. I was a little too lazy to actually walk over and get any closeups, but it is Saturday so I get to use the lazy card!

I am grateful for the little joys in life that bring such joy to my squirts! I am, by the way, going to miss having a pool this coming summer...I know I have said it before, but it will be sorely missed!

Friday, April 10, 2009

road trip!

I was lucky enough to be asked to be a chaperone for the 6th grade road trip! I say lucky. Some people might not think that spending ALL day on a bus with 44 6th graders would be something to look forward to, but for me, it meant that I got to leave my 20 5th graders behind at school with a substitute! A free pass to Kartchner Caverns and Old Tucson was also part of the deal! It was a great day. I love road trips! Traveling around the state, or country and seeing new things. I had never been to Kartchner Caverns before. They were awesome. It was an amazing tour through the caverns. We spent most of the morning there. Then another hour on the bus to Old Tucson. I think either my parents or my grandma took me to Old Tucson before, I can't remember who, but I do remember going. It's a fun place to visit. We had a yummy supper there and were able to have the cowboys (stuntmen) show us a few of there tricks. I will be going back to Kartchner with my kids, maybe this summer. It is an amazing place. most of the sixth graders with one of their awesome teachers, Mrs. Hollenbeck

I am reminded of my summers and 3 day weekends growing up. Dad would load us all in the car and take us to some random state park, national monument, or interesting sight in AZ. We've been to almost every one of those places in this state and most of the states around AZ. It was a great way to grow up. I think that is the reason I love road trips. I had great parents who taught us to love history and took us away from home frequently to visit amazing places. I need to do that with my own kids. They are all old enough to travel well (fingers crossed) and maybe enjoy AZ as much as I have been able to! Anyone who wants to go road tripping with us, say the word!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sweet dreams?

This is what I saw when I went into the girls room last night to put away clothes. HUH? Are you kidding me? This would be a tiny baby doll playpen. Sofia was out cold. I could hardly pick her up out of that thing because she was squished so tightly in it. About 2 nights a week she whines that her bed is not comfortable and that I need to buy her a new one. Which won't happen for quite a while, so I find her asleep in her sisters bed, or on the floor, but never like this! What a nut!

I have absolutely no idea how she was able to sleep like this...oh to be young again!

I laughed all night and am still laughing over this! Thanks Sofi for the entertainment!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

child labor...

The kids dad came over to take care of my backyard. I looked out the window and this is what I saw. Jacob was in charge of that lawnmower! He mowed most of the backyard, and it is a large backyard! He was so focused on his task, it was fun to watch. Isabel and Sofia fought over who got to cut back a large bush of lantana that is covering my irrigation opening. They have never really helped do yardwork before, and it was interesting to see them want to do it! We'll see how long it lasts. My grass doesn't look as good as usual because I forgot to sign up for irrigation that week. It just takes one day of irrigation and the grass turns green...LOVE IRRIGATION! I just have to work on not forgetting to sign up!

Jacob, strong man hard at work!

Sofia just turns into some kind of poser whenever a camera is's kind of scary!?

I think those clipper things are as tall as her. Isabel was great at attacking that bush.

Sofia was a little more careful and picky about what she clipped.
I would enjoy my back yard so much more if the orange trees were in better shape and actually produced good oranges and if I had a swimming pool. I was sooooooooooo spoiled the two years that I lived in our Fairfield house that had a pool. It is marvelous living here in the valley to have a pool during those crazy insane hot months! But what do you do!? The junior high just down the street has a new swimming pool with water slides, high dives and a great kiddy pool so we will just have to TRY to enjoy that one! Six more weeks of school. I'm starting to count down!

derby time!

Jacob was so excited for Pinewood Derby to come along this year! Me, not so much. I have no wood carving talent, no derby experience, and just feel like sitting this one out. But what to do when a 9 year old boy is so looking forward to it? A very nice neighbor and member of our ward was willing to help us build the car. VERY NICE! I was so grateful for his help. Jacob drew the design that he wanted his car to be and our neighbor did the rest! Jacob then painted it the
colors he chose and our neighbor again helped us by putting the weights on and getting it to be
EXACTLY 5 ozs. Raceday was the last Saturday in March. Jacob's car did well. He didn't ever
get first place in a heat, but his car usually got second. He just had a great time and really
enjoyed the day. Which in turn made me very happy.
Jacob with his cool car, named BLAZE.

What an impressive setup they have! All computerized this year, pretty nifty.

Jacob on his knees, watching the race, his car would be the red one in third.

Jacob with his certificate for Most Original Design and his cool car with MR. DEWALT

Jacob and his cousing Alex, who also participated in the derby. Couple of goof balls if you were wondering!